This is insanely good jam. Actually…Erik and I have come to the conclusion that this is the best jam we’ve ever tasted. How could it not be? Look at those specks of vanilla just chillin’ right there in the jar. With pears. Say what??

Adapted from Food In Jars recipe (thanks Marisa!!), so you can go there to get the instructions on how to make the most divine jam on the planet. I changed it a little, since I didn’t have liquid pectin – so I left it out (you could add a few tablespoons of lemon juice). You could probably use about 6 tablespoons of Ball Classic pectin too (according to Ball’s pear jam recipe).

And I actually peeled my pears, since I had a bunch of different ones, and some didn’t have thin skin, so I got carried away and peeled them all (but next time I might just leave them and see what happens). I also didn’t mash up the pears too much, I liked the idea of a chunky jam.

Take the recipe as is, or modify it to your needs…anyway to make it, it’ll be fantastic!

We’re actually thinking about being selfish and keeping the jars for ourselves.

It’s THAT good.