I’m a little late on this post. But I have an excuse. We were in Jamaica, being fat and lazy at the most amazing resort.

Celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary – June 30. It was totally dreamy.

I will try my best not to ramble on and get all mushy, but it might be hard.

I married the most wonderful man in the world. That really sums it up. This man REALLY REALLY loves me. I can feel it down to my core.

And I just can’t help but love him back.


June 30 2009 I had the wedding I dreamed of. Easy going, small and well, pretty much all about Erik and I. I wore a dress – a PINK dress, that was comfortable and stretchy. We rode our bikes (funky retro beach cruisers to be exact) to city hall, dog in tow (he was our maid of honor and best man). A quick little ceremony, then lunch at a quiant little local place. Then, off to Sonoma wine country for some R&R.

This, to us, was the most perfect wedding we could’ve imagined. It was us. (you can watch our funky little wedding video here – and well, ignore the fact that Erik’s name was spelled wrong…I find it funny).

Anyways, 2 years has flow by, but I feel like I’ve known this guy for a lifetime.

I know that two years doesn’t seem like much to some, and we have many twists and turns, laughter and tears ahead of us.

But I’m so down to go down all those roads with this dude.

He loves me to my core. He tells me I’m beautiful. He does my laundry. He’s a crazy good cook. He does yoga with me, and loves it. He makes me chill out. He loves hanging out with the girls, and can easily strike up a conversation about nail fashion or shoes. He’s the most fabulous sous chef and puts up with the seemingly endless dishes that I pump out when I cook. He loves his family, and our dog. He loves my family. He’s passionate and uber creative. He’s compassionate, and super duper funny. He’s really damn hot, and gets hotter as the years go by. He has the most amazing taste in music. He’s loving and caring and worries about me. He listens. He’s the best spooner on the planet.

And he’s all mine.

Ain’t love grand?