Well well well…

Here it is…a new identity, a new website…a new jive!!

Up till midnight crunching, resizing…trying to make things work. It’s looking pretty pimp.

All thanks to the help of this beautiful man. He’s the design pimp…20/20 Visual. Oh, he’s a mean cook too…

We had a launch date set for today, whether or not every little finite detail got dealt with or not. And, as usual, final details always loom….

BUT it’s here, it’s fresh…and WAY more Bite This, more us…a better jive and feel that’s much more us. So yay!!

Have a peek, look through…enjoy the little moving ball and rotating cupcake…and all the other sheezy.

There’s a recipe index and a portfolio coming…

All of the posts aren’t up yet. We want to make it look proper – so bear with us as we continue to add in the hundreds of posts that I’ve managed to put up over the past year and a bit.

It’s a task, but oh so worth it.