I don’t generally write about anything sad.

But today I am feeling very sad for a friend. A friend that’s miles and miles away. A friend that I’ve never met in person, but who has become a pal of mine despite borders and distance.

It’s funny how technology these days can bring us together. It’s unusual in a time when so many people complain about computers and technology and all this social stuff tearing up real human relationships and making it less real.

In this case, that is untrue. I’ve gotten to know this lovely person through my computer. She’s a good friend of my mum’s, so I feel even closer. We’ve shared recipes and laughs and interests…all over the internet. It’s allowed us to feel like we are there sometimes – even if it’s licking our lips at some creation one of us had made, and the only way we can enjoy it is through a picture – wishing we could just have one little taste.

Something very heartbreaking happened this weekend. And my heart breaks for her.

The way my head and heart works is that whenever I want to soothe someone’s soul, make them happy, make them feel better…I want to cook and bake for them. Sad, maybe, but it always gets a little smile, even if for a second. And sometimes that’s enough. One smile out of lots of sadness is great.

I’d love to make her a big pot of tortilla soup. Comfort food. One bowl, no nonsense feed your soul food.

If she was here, I was thinking I’d make her cinnamon swirl banana bread – because it’s my mom’s recipe, and there’s something cozy and comforting about it. I’d make her a cup of tea and a few slices of the bread…and she could curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket.

And there would have to be something chocolate in the mix. Chocolate, to me, always brings a glimmer of happiness…even if it’s just for a second. I’d make her chocolate walnut brownies…with a big glass of milk.

I’d have a bunch of cinnamon buns made up, so that she didn’t even have to think of what to eat when she got up in the morning…

But most of all…I wish I could ditch the cooking and give her a big fat squeeze.