Oh my loves- I’ve been absent, neglectful…and down right gone…

But I have a good excuse in my opinion…

Yay!! Yes, Erik and I are expecting a little one end of July/beginning of August.

I haven’t been able to spend much time in the kitchen – my stomach won’t allow. It’s been a little bit of a bummer, since cooking and baking are my meditation, my Zen – but I know it’ll pass and I’ll be able to return to mixing and chopping and enjoying all aspects of my culinary adventures.

That said, Erik has been taking the best care of me. Pampering me. Cooking for me…and anything and everything else that I need. Bubble baths…pedicures…I name it, I got it.

And damn, is he a good cook…and I am learning…a great baker. First attempt at baking – oh, he thought he’d just whip up a little Brioche. Why not? And it was fantastic.

Don’t worry, we’ll be sharing his cooking adventures on here too…just you wait, Man Chef is coming your way.

And I’ve got a few posts up my sleeve too.